ANUAL DINNER bersamamu PJ1 and PJ2

Theme : casual. not at all
Place : Dewan Puteri Saadong1, Grand Riverview, Kota Bharu
Time : 8.00 pm -12.00 a.m
Date : 18th October 2011 (Tuesday)

I'm hereby to thank all of members of PJ company at Campus Teacher Education in Kota Bharu
PJ1, PJ2, PJ Elite and PJ Fighter
wonderful night there
may be next time we will never meet...
and next time we never know each others...
who knows !
thanks for all kindness and helpful senior in the world
glad to meet all of them
even, I'm not interact with all of you
Who know me well, thank you for give me advise
tell me how to live here with them
enjoy with them
Now, the moment that I still remember
when the 1'st time I enter this campus
I meet Abang Wan and Aki Tom
both of them have a similar name
Mohd Nor Izwan and Nor Mohd Ridzwan
they stay with PJ ELite as exco to manage us coz our tutor is very busy person..hahaha
ops, there are Abg Wan. Syafiq and Sharimi
Who always help me up there

furthermore, Norazlan is my senior since I'm study at Clifford High School
now, here we meet again my senior :)
always treat me as my brother
thanks again my brother :)

one more, thanks to Myo a.k.a Amerul Afiq coz help Lan and Me to buy my motorcycle here
and delivery my motorcycle at home
big thanks I'll give to Abd Din a.k.a Zairuddin a.k.a Pok Tok
haha...what type of name? I don't know la
he is also I treat like my brother here
thanks a lot Abg Din
When I didn't understand about something
I can refer to you
You teach me a lot
You give me advise when I'm stress and I never shy with you to express how about my feeling
Why many people ask me '' Why not you couple with him? ''
My decision always same :p
You are my brother, ever and ever. lalalala~~

ok, I didn't forget to thank to all of you
PJ1 and PJ are enjoyable team, happy go lucky. sempoi...
older sister on PJ2, beautiful girl that belong to others
Coz they have their partner 
like Abonk said : ' Semua dah dikebas. Saya dah tak ada peluang. '

-my senioritaaaaaa-

ok, now ! i want to show our picture
always PJ Elite <3

LOVE you all <3


once I love you

dear friend :

okay guys,
I want to tell a story
once she falling in love
she will stick with that ones only
'' cinta hadir tanpa dipaksa, kerana cinta hadir melalui hati''
yup ! absolutely right
most of quotes, most of people think like this
once you fallen in love, that not your true love
ask HIM to get the answer
make it up
pray by yourself for get the best answer
by the way, how we want to manage our feeling towards him?
don't have any idea for it
just stay like this
be alone, make up your mind
think carefully
the best answer will face you someday


can be wrong or not !

Love can't be wrong, relationship can. You don't need a reason to be in love, but you need more than just reasons to be in a relationship.

yawwww ! tak ada apa nak diucapkan. cukupkan sekadar kata-kata di atas dah menggambarkan semuanya.
just think about it !
Kita tak boleh paksa diri kita untuk jatuh cinta atau tak, sama seperti kita tidak punya kuasa untuk paksa jantung kita untuk berhenti mengepam atau teruskan denyutan. -bp


weekend for me.

when I'm writing
it's will make me feel better
last Friday, team PJ ELITE joined the tournament volleyball at the campus
we got the 2nd place
even, played around 8.45 am until 11.45 am
sunburn you know?
how to attend the dinner this coming Tuesday?
by the way, in the evening
I'm not feeling better at all
sounds like I got a fever, flu and headache
so, I decide that our team for handball to 'tarik diri'
I dont know how to describe it in english. hahaha
frust jugak coz this game was my fav sport game
I cant played on this tournamnet
so sad :(
may be next time I will played this game again :) INSYAALLAH
so, I spent my time with MAWAR ARISYA at TMN CIK SITI WAN KEMBANG

CIk NIna spent with her there


spss aku terokai :)

assalamualikum semua !
salam diberi pembuka bicara :)
what I wanna to tell today?
just thinking for the best way to describe everything
hurm..amali spss dah terlaksana nampaknya
alhamdulillah, I dapat buat jugak
puas berfikir panjang
sampai tak tidur satu malam sebab nak siapkan tugasan tersebut
bila dah faham betul2 barulah I tahu nak elaborate macam mana ayatnya
so, I dapat selesaikan 6 solaan tersebut dalam satu malam
itu dah habis fikir dah tu
punya la susah nak faham nak elaborate data and transfer supaya menjadi ayat
macam mana la nak guna spss untuk my thesis next sem
wow ! rajin ke nak guna spss ni?
such a big problem kalau tak faham how to manage data and transfer data
learn more la kan.
perlu rajin kalau nak membuahkan hasil yang lumayan
ok, just nak cerita itu sahaja
housemate dah panggil ajak tengok cerita hantu pulak. 
cau cincau!!!


apa nak kata?

hallo semua !
sekarang ni, I punya blOg ni jadi medium untuk meluah perasaan
mostly entry yang I tulis sekarang semua berkenaan jiwa
suka taw :)
now I tak nak buat apa-apa
I just nak elakkan ia dari terjadi je
''let it be''
coz I memang tak suka perbesarkan sesuatu
I lebih suka mendiamkan diri je
thats my style
I dont know WHY i still remember single fact about HIM.
alamak, terjumpa quotes ni dalam facebOok sapa pulak la
ok al. nak cakap itu sahaja
buang masa mengupdate saj. tak ada apa yang emnarik untuk dicerita
nanti orang semua pelik tengok entry selalu pasal cinta.


tak salah kalau sy terasa hati kan?

awak, saya tahu...
saya selalu kacau awak
tak pe la
even saya nampak apa yang berlaku
invisible from me?
no need to pretend if you dont want to be my friend anymore
even you dont talk anything
just what you act, dats too much
I will try to understand
I try to far away from you
so, thank you for your kindness for let me to know you
even just for awhile
make me smile
thank you Allah :)


Mencintai sepenuh hati

Jangan Mencintai Seseorang Setinggi Langit Kerana Langit Boleh Runtuh..
Jangan Mencintai Seseorang Sedalam Lautan Kerana Lautan Boleh Surut..
Jangan Mecintai Seseorang Sebesar Dunia Kerana Dunia Boleh Hancur…
Cukuplah Mencintai Seseorang Sehujung Kuku,
Walau Kecil, Walau Selalu Dipotong, Ia Akan Selalu Tumbuh….;))

walaupun, ia nampak hanya sekelumit yang didambakan
hanya sedikit yang diperuntukan
tetapi ia begitu berbaloi buat kita
jangan digemburkan seluas dunia
kelak kita akan merana
mencinta seseorang seadanya
ia membantu kita mencari bahagia
cinta yang hadir ini memberi seribu erti
jadi, jangan terlalu menyerah pada cinta buat seluruh raga
kelak akan merosak diri
berpada-pada dalam bercinta
supaya hidup tak menyesal nanti
nurkilan : ernanina, A.I.S, 3.56pm, 091011



Love: If you have it, you don't need anything else. But, if you don't have love, it doesn't really matter what else you have.

LOVE its such a meaningful word
but there is nothing now
when its come around into my life
it is very colourful
when its go away
something will become so useful
It doesn't matter now
I try to LOVE someone now
try harder than
by the way
I'm just waiting for HIM
LOVE can't be force
let it be by own way
ALLAH know what we need in life
LOVE will make us happy
But, sometime LOVE will destroy your life
Careful when you fall in LOVE again
created by : ernanina, 10.07am, 8th Sept 2011





I don't know why
nothing to say
nothing to do
I don't have any idea
keep it as long as I can
I feel like I am stupid with all the things I do
Do the same things everyday
with such a loser
sorry guys, emo terlebeh sudah !
saja nak meluag rasa kejap

sayang, mak ngah tak sabar nak jumpa zaim !

new born baby
my nephew
Name : Mohd Zaim Zafael bin Mohd Zam-Zam Zailazye
D.O B : 5th October 2011

one week more to go
mak ngah nak jumpa zaim pulak ni.
very excited sangat2.
insyaallah mak ngah balik cuti raya deepavali ye sayang !


alphabet S

All happen in my life make me think again about the past time. 
Everything happen always relate in my life like you said with me Swee Mei Kee. 
It about 9 years ago. 
Something that relate with me like alphabet S.  
I don't trust at all. 
Coz I still have my faith
By the way, it still related with me. 
Since 9 years ago until now. 
Thanks my friend. 
Something I learn from you.
Guide to success.
Hahaha. Just joking okay ! 
stand for Amanina Izzati Sabri
my fullname
I have a short story to share
a long time ago
my big brother dream about something
when he still close his eyes and tell us about something
'' AKU NAK 'S' (2x)''
erk ! it was such a word
I'm stil remmeber about the moment
By the way, now I know
what it's mean to him
S mean for my sister in law
Sunita Batrisyia

wish you were here

nowadays, I'm always wish you were here
stay by my side
always standing beside me
by the way, who are you?
why you were here
deep in my heart
there is nothing that I can do
pray and ask HIM
let's HIM make what the best for me
why I'm falling for you right now?
It's about heart
Even you not don't know what I'm feel right now
Just take a moment in your life
please think about me
I didn't hope you will read this things.
Now I know, even I didn't see you
I fall for you
Even, I don't know who are you
I still fall for you
where are you?
still in my heart
even you don't know about it
Dear God, please give us chance
To know each other
Dear God, please help me to make any choice
To know the truth
Dear God, I ask you about everything
Give me the answer.
Thanks you Allah.
Give me life, give me love, give me everything in this world.
special moment in my life.
stay with someone I love. -AS-
thank you!


a song to sing !

p/s: sorry guys, tangkap leleh kejap ! xada ide nk update blog. this song dedicated to someone.

::Falling For You by Colbie Caillat::

I don’t know but
I think I maybe
Fallin’ for you
Dropping so quickly
Maybe I should
Keep this to myself
Waiting ’til I
Know you better
I am trying
Not to tell you
But I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding what I’m feeling
But I’m tired of
Holding this inside my head
I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life
And now I found ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you
As I’m standing here
And you hold my hand
Pull me towards you
And we start to dance
All around us
I see nobody
Here in silence
It’s just you and me
I’m trying
Not to tell you
what im trying to do now? 
just keep it.